Sensitive skin ladies, this one is for you! Our brand new reusable silk blended with cotton face masks is the one to have right now if you are looking for something soft, comfy yet stylish to wear and keep you protected. From a dreamy blush shade to a basic yet sophisticated black and off white colour, here is your 101 guide on how to look after your facemasks carefully. 
Silk is a delicate fabric, which is why we're offering a complimentary pouch to pop into your bag when you're out and about. However, sometimes the silk may transfer your makeup when wearing the mask. Do not worry, the first thing you'll need to do is: 

1. Use warm water and silk specialised washing liquid. 

    Temperature matters! In order to kill bacteria lurking around, use warm water at approximately 60-90 degrees to remove bacteria or viruses from the fabric without damaging it. You can use normal washing liquid, however, we recommend using one which specialises in silk which is ideal to keep the condition of the face mask looking great for longer. This should be washed by hand. 

    2. Allow drying naturally.

    Our facemask is blended is 70% silk and 30% cotton, which means air-drying naturally is best in order to keep your face mask crisp and in shape.  Once you have washed the mask by hand, hang the mask on a washing line and allow it to dry for around 1 hour. 

    3. Iron or steam the facemask.

    You may want to give your face mask quick steam or iron once it has dried. This will ensure the shape of the face mask is back to normal and ready to wear at your next outing. 

    4. Thought about purchasing a backup mask? 

    If you're in a hurry and your current face mask is drying, it might be a good idea to purchase a second mask to alternate. Plus, our reusable silk face masks come in 5 classy and elegant colours to choose from!


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